The Football Foundation was created to acquire and manage funds for New Zealand Football and to provide the long-term financial support needed to grow football in New Zealand. This growth plan includes building the profile of the game, encouraging participation, and improving facilities and training for all New Zealanders, especially youth.

The Football Foundation will also reward the support of donors, investors and friends of football through initiatives and packages that provide exclusive access to special football events and players. Through a series of investment products, supporters will also have opportunities for financial reward.

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About the Foundation

The Foundation was created initially with responsibility for managing the $4 million given to New Zealand Football for qualifying for the 2010 World Cup. These FIFA qualification funds are the foundation to which New Zealand football supporters and charitable donors can add their own contributions.

The Football Foundation is partnering with skilled advisors to provide investment advice and expertise as well as general day-to-day management of the Fund account.

How can the Foundation help you?
How can you help the Foundation?

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In an effort to create a more sustainable future, Nike is reducing plastic bag usage by charging 10c per plastic bag with all proceeds donated to the NZ Football Foundation.

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New Zealand Football

Please visit New Zealand Football to access all up to date football information. The Football Foundation is proud to support New Zealand Football in developing the game in New Zealand

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