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Long term, the New Zealand Football Foundation will help our country find and develop more players like All Whites captain Ryan Nelsen, FIFA Oceania Player of the Century Wynton Rufer, and Football Fern Rosie White.

The Foundation funding will set out to nurture the sport at various levels of development to ensure we create more Ryans, more often.

The Football Foundation is not seeking grant applications for 2016. Applications will re-open in 2017. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Engage the Kids

5 - 12 years

Junior development requires a focus on providing and creating good coaches, who enthuse and motivate the kids, and begin the foundation for building basic skills. Not only is teaching players to learn the basics of the game important, but ensuring the family and the players enjoy being part of the football community.

Keep the Teenagers

13 - 16 years

It is vital for football development that we retain youth in our sport by providing well organized competitions as well as the necessary facilities to ensure maximum participation right across the country. In addition, resources are needed to put in place structures that identify and foster special talents.

Provide further opportunities

17+ years

Resources are needed to identify talent and provide players with opportunities to be noticed domestically and internationally. Not only is it vital to provide top players with support but education and training is needed in all aspects of the game - referees, coaches and administrators.